Fighting Life

The journey of a man is always enigmatic,
Through thick and thin a purpose is in need,
While a few succeed and many fail bad,
The river of life never stops for a break,

The world is full of masked actors,
With so many roles in so many plays,
Masking and masking all life long
Till there is nothing novel to share,

The valiant mind is the biggest joke,
For it goes on amidst a massive storm,
Through deserts and tides and thorny vines,
Life is hardest for the strongest to go,

In the quest of life, in search of a purpose,
While many fail to stand against time,
With broken bones and bloody knuckles,
Life must move for the strongest of all,

Let the truth be that I am strong,
Residing in winter and forging my spring,
Deception, Evil, Pain or Grave,
Nothing can break my Godly game!