Ebb and Flow

There we were, on that one fine day,
Our stars aligned, and we saw a glimmer,
Is this real? Our hearts yearned to know,
This can be, our hearts thought so.

There were moments, that were quite hopeful,
It felt real; we did see the change,
Unlike the past, filled with pain and scars,
We did see, something we dreamt of.

Few weeks pass, and it was bliss,
Many a word was spoken and exchanged,
Dreams and wishes, smiles and laughter,
Pasts and futures, fears and secrets.

Are we finite? That we ran out of words?
Hours of calls became rushed inquiries.
In search of a meaningful banter,
Did we forget, the sweetness of malarkey?

Is it time? The culprit behind the change?
Did we change? And ran out of words?
Is it fear? That holds us back now?
Did we stop? When the glimmer left us?

I do wish that this is a phase,
The ebbing phase, after a flowing phase,
I hope that you too see it this way,
And I hope that we flow again soon!