I started to run,
Even before I could walk,
There were needs, and time was short.

The farther I went,
The finish line went even farther,
I ran faster, yet nothing in sight.

My feet bled, sore from pain,
Everything else became a blur,
I turn back, and I was all alone.

Time went fast and slow,
Days fleeted like minutes,
Went a long way, still feel I've learnt none.

Some of my dreams came true,
But why do I feel so empty?
And not a smile on my face?

While I see others, running and happy,
Can't help but feel raging envy.
Why didn't it happen to me?

Did I go wrong? Take a wrong turn?
Everything seems out of place.
The irrational heart asked, why me?

While I kept running, I forgot,
To see the scenery, city, and people,
The curse of never wandering.

Am I the person I am?
I feel like an alien to myself.
Trapped in a world that speaks a foreign tongue.

Trying to learn the rules of the game,
It is such a mess and drives me insane.
Feeling lost in this unending maze.

Kept running all day, and I lost track,
Of other pursuits that keep life intact,
For once I felt I was ready to enact.

The setting was different, and things were subtle,
I learnt the alphabets and tried to write,
The settings wanted prose instead.

It is hard to keep the embers burning,
Realising my limits, yet pursuing,
In an ever-changing world, detached.

I will keep my embers burning bright,
Forgo all the weight that pulled me back,
And I shall pause for a while, here and there.

Like the ball that sinks in water,
Amidst all noise, I shall rise,
For I have many promises to keep.