Dance of Ecstasy

As I went higher and higher, the troubles mattered less,
In the struggle to climb, all my worries faded away,
Sitting on the mountain, I see more than ever,
The vast, broad landscapes, the bigger picture of life,

As I sit and ponder, looking at my journey ahead,
The path that leads to it gave me a scare,
But the monsoon clouds, with its soft grey hands,
Came closer to me and embraced me with hope.

The winds whispered, wishes in my ears,
As it caressed my hair, it cooled my soul,
In a moment of ecstasy, a queer liberation came,
A child that never flew dared to rule the sky,

On the ground I was doubtful, now I am clear,
Like the peacocks in the monsoon rain, I too shall dance,
As I keep climbing, I’ll go higher and higher,
And all these sorrows, cannot break me forever.