In the eerie quiet night, I hear your heartbreak,
Echoing loud and clear, deafening my solitude,
It was my fault; I let you near me,
I thought I was ready; I felt we could make it,

There is a void in my soul, where you once stayed,
A pit so deep, even an abyss feels small,
A void so old, and so very cold,
I feel numb, and I feel lost,

Many people afar, told me I was cold,
When they came near, they told me I am warm,
I warned them not to come, anymore near me,
They came closer, and I burnt their dreams,

I pray to the universe, to put me far away,
For I am cursed, and my breath reeks death,
I am sorry I hurt you, I care for you,
This is a curse I can't, find a way to break.