Curse of being strong

There were times you were left all alone,
Helpless and lost, with a heart of stone.
All you wanted, was a candle in the dark,
All you got, was indifference quite stark.

You pulled your socks up, and went for battle,
Amidst all the voices, that tend to belittle.
Burning the midnight oil, you continued to persist,
Steadily and surely, you went through the mist.

Now you got through, what was once quite rough,
Now others look at you as if you're quite tough.
They all praise and sing, how strong you are,
Unaware of the journey, and the perils so far.

Now you are a beacon, for their hopes and dreams,
Their whole life depends on you; they do scream!
Asking you the gist, of your journey with disregard,
Wanting the rosy road, instead of the road so hard.

Treading the hard road, you became so strong,
Learnt to find the truth, amidst all that is wrong.
When you needed help, you got indifference,
Now you asking help makes no difference.

The curse of being strong is that you're left alone,
To fight and fend your battles, all on your own.
Very few shall relate, to the trials you went through,
For you chose to move on, and see events through.