You're running all day, in the pursuit of success,
You march ahead strong, without any digress,
You're certain you'll win, for you it's obvious,
While there are many factors, totally oblivious.

When ideas become real, your faith gets checked,
You either set sail or get beaten and Shipwrecked!
When the journey goes smooth, you sing a song,
When the tides go rough, you think what went wrong!

It is quite tragic when the winter winds blow,
For no fault of yours, life gets cold and slow.
It is quite splintering, when you make mistakes,
For all the fault is yours, you lose all the stakes.

Your strength is invisible when you have everything,
It is seen quite well when you can't get anything!
It is not in arrogance, that refuses shamefully,
It is in humility, to concede gracefully.

It is human to error, and we all are imperfect,
It is a fallacy to believe, that you are quite perfect!
It takes courage to be strong, and pursue a goal,
And much much more, to mend your shattered soul.

It takes strength to concede, and change your way,
Muster all the courage and redefine your say.
Having tasted defeat, you're not scared to play,
Or change your game, while travelling midway!