Cold Fire

You felt its presence, yet you weren’t scared,
At the beginning, you ignored, as it was timid,
If you searched your feelings, the signs were there.
Yet you mistook it, for a warm, gentle fire.

All the flames you’ve seen were quick to kindle,
They were easy to trigger and innately direct.
I feel sorry for you, that you kindled the wrong fire,
This one is not warm; rather it is cold.

While the flame you see often, is orange and hot,
Loud and greedy, passionate and bright,
This flame is hotter, intense and blue,
Silent and ruthless, with nothing to hold back.

Nothing burns brighter, than the coldest of flames,
Even its embers are cold and sharp as ice.
For that is the reason, it refuses to kindle,
When it starts to burns, even ashes cease to exist.

The warm flame shows, a spectrum of emotions,
The cold flame is stoic, distant and plain.
Often quite patient, scared of its powers,
Test it too much, it will ignite without warning.

Be humble and gentle, honest and genuine,
It will be warm and gentle and makes your life vital.
Be arrogant and harsh, dishonest and fake,
When the time comes, it’ll burn you with indifference.