Choices and Chances

It happened randomly, they all write,
As if the universe, conspired to make them meet.
It is an Illusion, is all it is,
Only a little truth, that's all there is.

If love is random and happens by chance,
Will it matter if you try it or not?
What shall be, the difference it makes?
For those who pursue, and pour in their soul?

Love, you are, a mystical enigma!
Despite a million tales, you are still elusive!
Source of awe, wonder, and peace,
Reason for disgust, disaster, and violence.

You happen to many, at precarious times,
Breaking their hearts, and tainting their souls.
You happen, for some in odd times,
And thrive and flourish, in ways never thought.

For some who seek, they get tested to the core,
For some, you come, taking their breath away.
For some who seek, end up all alone,
For some, you come, at the right moments.

You tempt us all, with all that is rosy,
Showing us the tales, of many twin flames.
That's not the way; it happens to all,
Some who believe it, they break and fall.

You make two souls meet, who are fitting pieces,
The flower doesn't blossom, and sees the day,
You make two souls meet, who are unfit pieces,
The flower blossoms, rots, and withers.

You make two souls meet, who are fitting pieces,
For one it blossoms, for the other it doesn't,
And make the bloomers wonder, what's this sorcery?
Left with no answer, forced to find closure.

For some, it happens, gradual and natural,
From unknown to friends to buddies to sweethearts.
Blurring the lines gracefully and smooth,
Nurtured and built, with time and space.

For some, it happens, as if a fairy tale,
With many intimate moments and many fantasies,
It ends bitter, like a quenched hot steel,
The heart does shatter, like broken glass.

Not all your tales have a happy ending.
Not all those who found you, cherish you till the end.
Some end what is theirs, for greener pastures,
While some change a lot, they don't fit anymore.

It is a tragedy to see, a good broken heart,
A heart once full of hopes, stitching its pieces.
Filled with pain, and walls so high,
Scared to trust, and cautious than before.

It is sad to see, a good heart so lonely,
A heart that yearns, for the joys of intimacy.
Feeling low and cold, and learning from falls,
Trying hard to be strong, despite the let downs.

Are you that fickle? That you happen by chance?
And you are fragile, tender yet dangerous.
Are you so chaotic? That you are unpredictable?
After making us win, you break us to be humble?

Despite the turbulence, you bring forth,
And amidst the chaos, you show us an order.
Despite the shipwrecks, you show us some joy,
Making our lives hard, with or without you.

The stars do align, for some people proper,
With time and space, everything falls in place.
For some they make, the stars to align,
For they can't wait, as you never visited them.

It takes courage, to fall in love hard,
To fall so madly, and fall so deeply.
It takes, even more, to pick your shattered heart,
And stitch it back in place, and move on.

It takes strength to stay strong, and keep going on,
To find The One you yearned, all the way long.
Swimming up the river, against the cross-currents,
Trying not to drown, in the stream of life.

All the love that formed, out of lies and disguise,
May start well at first, but it will break off.
Not long can you wear, a skin different from yours,
At the core of it lies, all the issues in disguise.

Love once happened can wither with time as well,
And it can boom back, with the same soul or other.
A love formed of truth, built with trust and kindness,
With passion and maturity, is deep and beautiful.

You do get to choose, whom you'll fall in love,
For reasons right or wrong, the choice is all yours.
Welcome to the real world, it is blurry and grey,
And love is quite messy, yet you want it anyway.