Breaking Rules

I was young, naive and bold,
With many rules, as my stronghold.
Rules that kept me moving,
Rules that kept me improving.

As I grew old, I grew less naive,
The trials in life filtered me like a sieve,
These rules and these regulations,
Became my many invalid foundations.

How do you feel, about your life?
When your heart is cut, with a knife?
These rules once kept me safe,
As they got outdated, I was attacked by a strafe.

After many a night, losing faith,
All the memories flashed like a wraith.
The rules once I built are not valid,
Excessively rigid and incessantly pallid.

Pondering on these thoughts, I do wonder,
If I had treated, myself a bit kinder?
Hindsight told me, I would be happy,
Much more calm, and much less grumpy.

As I venture further, I am treating myself kind,
No more to the days, I was stuck in a bind.
Breaking my many invalid rules,
I am beginning to see life jewels!