Blushing Bride

As the day nears, my heart overflows with joy,
My eyes express shyness, my lips speak my happiness,
This was a day I dreamt, right from a tender age,
I am glad it is happening, a day of new beginnings,

My little heart is restless, swinging between joys and dreams,
Even when I am afar, my eyes keep looking at you,
I savour your charm, from the corner of my eyes,
And reciprocate the love, you always showed on me,

When I am alone, my heart yearns your touch,
Your gentle caress strokes my inner soul,
When we dance, the moon turns pink,
The birds will forever sing, our love for aeons,

When the darkness prevails, our story shall begin,
Help me pen a tale; even the angels can’t recite,
Recite your vows; I am ready with mine,
Let’s hold our hands, as husband and wife.