How many journeys have I voyaged before?
In all the lives before?
How many journeys will I voyage after?
In all the lives after?

I have no count, nor can I keep one,
For my past lives are histories,
Written on scrolls, dried and decayed,
Powdered and lost in the dust.

I have no count, nor can I keep one,
For my future lives are mysteries,
Waiting to be written, and make a mark,
On the vast flowing river of time.

Amidst the past and the future,
Lies my present - my great gift,
With parts of my journey written and tracked,
With parts of my journey waiting to be marked.

I am but a hollow vessel,
Whose existence is mere happenstance,
In the grand scheme of the universe,
I am but an insignificant stardust

With your touch I found purpose,
This hollow vessel became a flute.
With the life breath, you infused in me,
My soul resonated, and music came out.

If I am insignificant, then why do I feel,
Your indomitable presence in my soul?
In those instances, when you bless me,
I feel like a child, born to rule the skies.

The music that came out from my soul,
As it flew across valleys and hills,
Resonated and resonated with every living soul,
All at once, in a grand unison.

Whenever I felt lost and empty,
You answered my prayers and shared your breath.
I lost count you filled my soul,
Yet you keep giving, again and again.

With every gift, my melodies became sweet,
It grew strong and diverse and deep,
Although my heart, though quite finite in size,
It fully felt your blessings, quite infinite in size.

My joy knew no bounds nor any limits,
Whenever I was blessed, the feeling was ineffable,
 Unknown to me, despite the countless melodies,
There was room, in my heart to sing more.

Years shall pass, and I shall get weak,
Sticks and stones can break my bones,
But I shall stay strong and make melodies,
I am blessed by your sacred touch.