Behind the Gate

In all my wanderings, in my one singular quest,
I sought knowledge, without any rest.
Little did I expect, for the truth to be so stark,
With infinite perspectives, like a storyline’s arc.

The truth is a circle, without a beginning or end,
Still, Yet through its strokes, it has the knowledge to send.
The circle maintains a flow, and serves as a balance,
To let the energy flow, without any imbalance.

In it there are markings, and exotic drawings,
And many obscure paintings, and prideful writings.
These myriad inscriptions, add colours to the truth,
Painting a picture of suffering, pain and ruth.

Still, the truth set me free, gave me the power to be God,
I became arrogant and challenged God as a fraud.
In my naive foolishness, I tried to break the rules,
And the price I had to pay, I had no clues.

The truth opened a gate, and pulled me inside,
Where I saw a being, without a form outside.
It’s a bone-chilling smile, I remember forever,
The darkest secrets of life, I remember forever.

For my blatant errors, and my avarice,
I lost a lot, and it’s a painful sacrifice.
Still, the secrets I saw, and the lessons I learnt,
Do greatly help me, though I am burnt.

That is when I realised: not all rules are lies,
Some maintain balance; without it, we’ll die like flies.
The universe has a flow that you must understand,
Before you deconstruct, you must comprehend.

Only when you comprehend, can you understand,
To deconstruct and reconstruct, with your hand.
To use this power demands equivalent exchange,
And that is the truth, of this universe quite strange.