Bane of Trying

Sitting calm and quiet, you hear the universe speak,
Of all the plans it has, for you quite sleek.
If what you sow, is what you reap,
Will it all come true? All the dreams in your sleep?

Trying to make hay, while the sun is shining,
You put all efforts, hoping for a silver lining.
While it is true, that time waits for none,
If you're hurt and broken, can anything be won?

Somethings in life, are not so straight,
You might have to, sit and wait.
You cannot plant a seed, today and be ready to reap,
All the harvest tomorrow, and keep them in a heap.

Like the wet clay a potter, uses to make pottery,
Things will take shape as if it's sorcery.
Yet even the pots made, need some time to dry,
For that, you must wait, and keep a watchful eye.

Rushing the steps fast, or pushing it too hard,
You might kill the very thing; you seek so hard.
There is some wisdom, in moving slow and steady,
When the stars align, you will be quite ready.

You might get what you seek when you try very hard,
But when you are not ready, retaining it is very hard.
You'll miss little things, while trying without waiting,
The restlessness is the price, the bane of trying.