Autumn Colours

You come today, and the sun became truant,
Your winds do bring, the scent of the ground.
In all of the summer, I played my heart's content,
With your cool touch, you made me retreat.

Why are you sad?, I always do ponder,
Whenever you come, you cry your heart out.
The days of dampness, dark and gloomy,
The falling leaves, and vibrant colours.

You are a mother, to this curious child,
And just like you, I keep changing.
Many keep saying, that you are a fall,
To me, you're necessary, the force of balance.

As I sit near the window, I see your tears flow down,
A strange wonder and awe fill my inner heart.
You made me sit and travel dimensions with books,
For that, I am grateful, and I can never repay you!