Agree to Disagree

The world around us is not as simple as it seems,
Rarely it happens, just like our dreams.
For there are events, that are not in our hand,
Factors that are plenty, like the grains of sand.

It is hard to keep going, all the time so strong,
When the choices we made, can go wrong.
Life is not so simple, and painted black and white,
It is messy and twisted, and hardly you are right.

Even when facts are strong, you can go wrong,
And there is more to tell, about the tale so long.
There is always a limit, for you to comprehend,
Beyond that it is dubious, built on intend.

We all look at events, and incidents in life,
And gather bit and pieces, and end up in strife,
For you would like to think, that you are quite right,
And me to be so wrong, to miss the truth in sight.

All the bits we have, are parts of a bigger puzzle,
Although it seems perfect, it is in a tousle.
Sometimes you're lucky, to get the right piece,
Otherwise unfortunate, to find the wrong piece.

In the world full of paint, in shades of grey,
Which shade is right, is quite hard to say.
You picked a shade, with a certain degree,
If it doesn't suit others, agree to disagree.