A Sweet Voyage

I thought about the day when we first met,
It is not so vivid; the details were blurry,
But the feelings we felt, were crystal clear,
We didn't realise, the sweet voyage ahead.

It wasn't a beginning, as in a fairy tale,
It is quite common, but still feels special.
Both did think, that we might drift away,
Yet I stayed back, and so did you.

Despite the journeys and paths we travelled,
We had a lot of ideas in common,
The patience to nurture, a robust, powerful bond,
A passion for making a difference in the world.

A loyalty so strong, it stands tall against any crisis,
The drive to help the other, when the other is lost,
A sense of justice, and what's right and wrong,
A shared flavour for humour and ideas boundless.

When lost in thoughts and plans for the world,
One became the teacher the other the student,
You taught me a lot, and I taught you too,
Both helped each other, to find our inner selves.

What events will life throw, I have no clue,
But amidst all that is variable, there is one constant,
That for me is your valuable friendship,
That I shall do my best to preserve till the end.