A Song of Blue and Yellow

On a rainless day,
We push and pull,
Under the clouds,
Our mischief begins,

You were simple,
My ego told before,
But you are a puzzle,
I realise baffled,

Are you my enemy?
Are you my friend?
Why do you love me?
And hate me together?

Torn between poles I stand,
Lost like a raindrop in the sky,
I swing between joy and sorrow,
Clueless of the morrow.

Should I leave? Or should I stay?
You tell me, my dear,
For the trauma of the poison of the past
Don't fear the elixir of the future.

You are the ray of hope,
Who flashed in my starless sky,
Adding your shades of vibrant yellow
To my life filled with mystic blue,

Hold my hand and fly with me,
The sky is vast and endless,
Cherishing your love, I shall pen,
A Song of Blue and yellow.